5 Home Security Apps That Can Change Your Life

Home Security Apps That Can Change Your Life

Home security is not something you’d want to leave to chance.

It’s not enough to have a single camera set up, or to have one ill-tempered guard dog on patrol. Instead, technology has given us some great security tools that can help us take total control over the well-being of our property and the safety of our families.

Here’s a quick look at some cutting-edge security apps that can help you live a safer and more secure lifestyle.

FrontPoint Security

FrontPoint security has designed what they proudly refer to as a “smart” home security system. What they mean by that is that they put the user in total control over their home security system, no matter where they are in the world.

With access to free mobile apps for all of the leading platforms (including iOS, Windows Phone, and Android), FrontPoint Security allows you to remotely arm and disarm your system, as well as access streaming video feeds.


Alarm.com is not a comprehensive security system like FrontPoint. Instead, it is a free service that gives you remote access to existing security systems. It’s compatible with all of the leading home security systems and gives the user real-time alerts in the event that there’s unscheduled or unauthorized movement in or around their home.

It even lets you monitor your energy use, view video streams from your cameras, and take manual control over your security system using nothing more than your smartphone or tablet.

ADT Pulse

The ADT Pulse app comes to us from ADT, which is hailed as America’s number-one home security company. In business since 1874, ADT is a company worth putting your trust in. The ADT App makes it easy to automate your home’s security systems, but allows you to take control whenever you need to.

With great features such as 24/7 theft and burglary monitoring, remote arming and disarming, and access to real-time video feeds, ADT Pulse might be the mobile security app you’ve been looking for.

LifeShield Security

Home security company LifeShield Security has taken a novel approach when it comes to home security. They use what they call “dual defense technology,” which is aptly named. Instead of leaving control over your home’s security system to one system controller, a second controller is capable of taking over if the first is compromised by an intruder.

What this does is make it exceptionally difficult for would-be burglars to find both control centers before the authorities are notified. It’s an extra layer of protection for those who find themselves thinking they can’t be too careful.


Canary is something a little different; it provides users with a simple device that is easily installed anywhere in the house. Using the free companion app for your smartphone, you’ll be given remote access to a wealth of knowledge provided by the sensors in the base station.

You’ll be able to view real-time reports about temperature, sound, air quality, and even motion. The device is also equipped with a high-definition camera that sports a microphone, night vision, and motion sensors. In other words, this is a comprehensive security system that doesn’t require a lot of expensive setup.

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