How to Fix a Cracked iPhone Screen in Just Seven Steps

How to Fix a Cracked iPhone Screen in Just Seven Steps

A cracked iPhone screen is not the end of the world, though it may seem like that to someone who does not know where to turn next. You don’t need to panic or get worried, no matter how much money you spent on your iPhone. Fixing a cracked iPhone screen does not require that much hard work, it would easily concur.

In just several steps, you can repair the screen on your iPhone. Here is how to fix a cracked screen in only seven steps.

Step 1: Collect the Tools You’ll Require

The following tools can be purchased on the Internet: replacement glass, a razor blade (or a scraping tool), rubbing alcohol, glue, cotton swabs, tweezers (optional), small suction cups (optional), scissors, double-sided tape, and a #00 Philips screwdriver.

Doing a Google search for these items will yield good results, as will searching for these items in physical stores, where you can ensure you will receive the proper type and size.

Step 2: Remove the iPhone Screen

Locate two screws on each end of the iPhone’s USB connector, and use the #00 Philips screwdriver to unscrew them. Utilize the razor blade or other scraping tools. Position the blade in between the metal and rubber of the bottom of the iPhone and begin to lift.

You can use a suction cup instead if you find that works better. Position the suction cup right over the top of the iPhone’s home button and pull. The glass should come right off without any ensuing damage to the rubber gasket surrounding it.

Step 3: Look for Stickers and Flaps

Once you’ve lifted the screen, search for flaps on the top right corner that hold the iPhone and screen together. You’ll notice orange stickers labeled 1 and 2 on said flaps. Lift up these flaps with your razor blade.

Beneath the second flap, search for a third sticker. Once you find it, lift up the black clamp to release the number three connection. After the clamp’s been lifted, the screen will be completely free to pull out.

Step 4: Remove Screws and Separate the Screen From the Glass

On the iPhone’s side rails, you’ll see six screws. Three are on the same side as the flaps, one is on the top right, and the final two can be found opposite the side of the flaps. Some of the screws may have black tape over them. This tape isn’t necessary, so you can simply use the razor blade to cut off this tape over every screw head. Stick the razor blade in between the iPhone’s side rails and get the inner piece out.

You want to slide the LCD screen all the way to the home button, so it clears the top flanges. Applying just a little bit more pressure is completely fine at this point since the metal is strong enough that it will not become deformed.

Step 5: Clean the Metal Frame and Prepare the New Screen

Now that the screen is free of the metal frame, you should clean the frame by scraping away bits of glass and glue residue with the razor blade. Alternately, you can attempt to “dissolve” the glue by applying some rubbing alcohol with the cotton swabs. Then apply glue to the black, wide plastic on the bottom or top of the exposed iPhone. Allow the glue to set for a few minutes, and then place your double-sided tape on the glue.

Position your replacement glass on the tape. Take care not to cut yourself on the tiny shards of glass that you’ll be dealing with at this stage of the process.

Step 6: Begin Reassembling the iPhone

Now, you can start to put your iPhone back together again. Attach the LCD screen and the glass. To make sure you attach them correctly, just look for the side where one rail is longer than the other; that’s the correct position for attachment. It might be simpler to slide in the screen from the bottom; the small clamp will slide on more effectively. Don’t forget to screw in the six screws that you removed before.

Step 7: Sliding in the Cable and Replacing the Screen

Slide your number three cable back into its clamp, ensuring the clamp is open. After reinserting this cable, press down on the black clamp. Put your number one and two cables back on by just pressing them against the connector. You may have to use a bit of force here, but that’s totally normal.

Finally, you can replace the new screen onto your iPhone. Insert the top (side with the connectors), and then slide in the bottom. When the screen is snugly attached to the iPhone, screw the last two screws back into their places on both sides of the USB.


Now you know all about fixing a cracked iPhone screen in only seven easy steps! With a bit of time, patience, know how and the right equipment, you can put your iPhone together again after replacing its damaged screen. You do not have to be some type of tech whiz to follow the easy and understandable steps above. With only the most basic tools that are readily available wherever you shop, you have the necessary items to take care of your damaged iPhone’s screen.

Remember not to rush through the process and always be very thorough and careful when you follow each step.

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