How To Login To iTunes Account


iTunes is an online media and app store that is owned by Apple Inc. iTunes provides music, apps, tv shows, films for Apple Smart devices including iPad,iPhone, iPad, Mac and Personal Computer also. It also gets awarded as the largest provider of music in the United States. Currently, iTunes has more than 2.2 million apps to download. iTunes was started at 2003, April 28 by Apple Inc.

iTunes Account Login

iTunes provides content and application to the to their users. Although iTunes is distributed under Apple network, you have to use the Apple ID to use iTunes. If you get signed into your Apple ID, then you can watch movies & shows, hear music, download apps from your Apple-powered device and personal computer. You can use iTunes on Windows computer by the official application of iTunes. iTunes also provides account recovery option in case you forgot the Password.

iTunes Login For Personal Computer device(Mac)

If you want to get signed into iTunes on your computer device(Mac), then you have to use this process. Here you will get the web format of iTunes.

Step 1: Primarily you have to connect your computer device with a working internet connection. Then open up your web browser and then go to the Apple ID login page.

Step 2: It’s the management page of Apple ID. Here you will get a couple of blank option at the starting of the web page. At the first blank space, you have to include your Apple ID. After that, just input your Apple ID’s Password at the second blank option. So, if you have completed providing your account information, then click on the arrow sign that is located in the second blank space.


[‘Remember me’ – this option will keep your logged into your Apple ID at the current web browser. If you want to delete your Apple ID then just chose the logout option]

Now you can browse iTunes and use all their content by using your computer device(Mac) computer device.

iTunes Login For Mobile Device(iPad, iPod,iPhone)

If you want to use iTunes on your Apple Powered smart mobile devices, you should use the following process. Remember you can’t use iTunes on any other OS operated the mobile device.

Step 1: Firstly, you have to get an internet connection at your smart mobile device. If your internet connection is working properly, then just go to the account management page of Apple ID. You can click here to get the page.

Step 2: If you have got the login page on your mobile web browser then you have to do more little thingies. You have to provide your Apple ID information on this page. At first, you have to provide your Apple ID(username) and then you have to add the Password of your Apple ID. After that, you can click on the Sign In option.

[ You can use the ”Remember me’ option to save your Apple ID. If you use this option at the login process, then you don’t have to enter your Apple ID information to enter at iTunes every time. You should only use this option for your mobile device]

iTunes Login For Windows PC App

Overall, we know that iTunes is only usable at Apple powered devices. Recently Apple has launched the official iTunes application for Windows PC users. It free to download on any Windows Personal Computer. It offers all kinds of products, content, and application of iTunes to users of Windows PC. To use iTunes on your Windows PC follow this.

Step 1: At the beginning of this process, download the latest version of iTunes from here. Make sure you are downloading iTunes according to your current computer configuration(32-bit,64-bit).

Step 2: Then install iTunes on your Windows PC.


Step 3: After installing, open the iTunes Application on your Windows PC. Then simply go to Account > Sign In.


Step 4: Now a window will pop-up with some sign in options. At first input your Apple ID. Then write down your Apple ID Password. At the end click on the Sign In option.

Forgot Password of iTunes?

Have you forgotten your iTunes(Apple ID) password, then we will recommend you to use the mentioned method?

Step 1: Go to the management page of Apple ID.

Step 2: Click on the Forgot Apple ID or password? option.


Step 3: Then another window will appear. First, enter your Email address that was linked with your iTune(Apple) account. Then just write the displaying code at the second option. If you provided correct pieces of information, then click on the Continue option.


Forgot Username(Apple ID) of iTunes?

If you can’t remember your Apple ID name or Email address then you just follow this instruction.

Step 1: Click on the Forgot Apple ID? option.


Step 2: Now you will get a page with several options. So, enter your First Name, Last Name and Email address that was associated with your Apple ID. Type the displaying characters and click on the Continue option.


So, that’s all you should know about iTunes. Those will help you to avoid any obstacle during your iTunes usage. The recovery process will help you if you forgot your Password or Apple ID. If you have any advanced questions about iTunes or Apple ID, then you can submit us at the comment section.

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