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Twitter Login

Twitter is like a social network that was started in 2006. Twitter is headquartered in San Francisco, California, U.S. As its users and usage detail we can say that it is one of the best competitors to other social media like Facebook. Twitter is also used as a great resource for news and trending topics. Twitter is a social media that was made for global usage. According to Twitter, they have 79% and more account that are being used outside of United Sates. Twitter can be used for more than 40 languages.

Twitter Login on Personal Computer

Twitter is available at Computer and Mobile devices with the web interface. Here we are presenting the login process of Twitter online account on a computer device. A large part of Twitter users comes from a personal computer or another unauthorized computer device. So, if you want to get access to your Twitter online account using a computer, you must do those things.

You need a mobile device, Internet connection, Account information of your Twitter account.

Step 1: Firstly, you have to open your trusted web browser and then type at the URL bar and visit the address.

Step 2: Then you should get a clean Twitter login page with tow options. At the first option, you have to provide your Twitter online account Username or Phone number/Email address that was associated with your Titter account before. So, after the first option, you have to provide your Twitter account Password at the next option. In the end, click on login the option to get access to your Twitter account using your computer device.

Twitter Login

[ Use the option named ‘ Remember me’ to save your Twitter online account on your web browser. If you use this option, you don’t have to log in, again and again, using your account information. If you log in once, you can get access to your Twitter account without entering your account information. This system will remain until you manually log out from your Twitter account]

Twitter Login on Mobile Device

Twitter has also developed their social platform for mobile users also. Twitter has announced that more than 82% users are using Twitter on their mobile device. So, If you also wants to join the extensive Twitter community, you can use those steps.

Here yo will need a smart mobile device, Internet connection, Information of your Twitter account.

Step 1: Go into your mobile web browser and type or copy and paste at the URL bar and go to this address.

Step 2: Click on Log In.

Twitter Login

Step 3: Now you have to provide your Twitter account information on this page. At the first option, you have to use your Twitter account Username or Email address or Phone number that was linked to your Twitter online account. At the second one, you have to write the Password of your current Twitter online account. If your Username/Email address/Phone number and Password are correct then you can click on the Log in option, then you should see the homepage of Twitter online account.

Twitter Login

[ You can check in the ‘ Remember me’ option to stay signed into Twitter account using a current mobile web browser.

Twitter Login on APP

Here you must have a smart mobile device, Internet connection, Twitter App, Twitter account information.

Step 1: Go to the Download page of Twitter mobile App. You can use the official tool for getting Twitter mobile App on your: Twitter Download.

Step 2: After downloading, open the app. Then simply click on Log In.

Twitter Login

Step 3: Now you will see this screen. Just write your Twitter Username or Email address/Phone number of yours that was linked with your Twitter account. At next, you have to type your Twitter account Password in the correct format. If you have filled both options, then tap on Log in an option that is displaying at the right bottom part of the screen.

Twitter Login

Forgot Password of Twitter

So, if you have lost or forgotten your personal Twitter account Password, you have to use the Password resetting process of Twitter.

Step 1: At fist, you have to come to the login page of the Twitter account.

Step 2: Then you should go to Forgot password? from the Twitter login page.

Twitter Login

Step 3: Now you must provide your Ema il address, accoundPhone number or Username that was used on the Twitter account. You have to provide one of those information to identify and recover your account. After providing your information, click on Search.

Twitter Login

After identifying your account, you will get an instruction/Secret Key at your Email address or Phone number. So, just follow the instruction and you will get the password reset option for your Twitter account.

If you need more advanced help about Twitter, then you can ask for help in the comment section. If you have any spacial review about Twitter, you can also add it.

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