How To Login To Yahoo Account

Yahoo Login

Yahoo is mostly known for their search engine services. But Yahoo is an international technology company that provides various kinds of spatial web services and tool all around the world. Yahoo provides Searching, Mail, News, Weather, Sports, Answering, Managing, Music, Advertising, Mapping, Dictionary services to their users worldwide in more than 20 specific languages. Yahoo is called one of the highest ranked media website with a huge amount(7 billion+/month) of visitors.

Yahoo was originally established on 1995 as a technology company. The headquarters of Yahoo! situated at Sunnyvale, California, U.S.

Yahoo Account Login

As we know, Yahoo provides their versatile services to their visitors all over the world. All those services and tools from Yahoo is only can use by a Yahoo account holder. That means if you have a personal Yahoo account, then you will be able to see and use all web services of Yahoo. Isn’t is amazing? So, if you have an account, then you must get signed into your Yahoo account to get those exciting and useful services and tools.

Yahoo Login for Computer Device

Yahoo account can be used on any computer device using a web browser. Here you will get the web formed version of Yahoo online account. Thus, primarily Yahoo provides all their website with web format. They have some alternative option, but the web format is the main and primary. So, If you want to get eligible to use all services and online products of Yahoo, then you must use this login process and get signed into your Yahoo account using your computer device.

Step 1: At first, you have to configure the internet connection on your computer device. After that, you must open your most trusted and authorized web browser. Then go to

Step 2: Now, you should get the official homepage of with your local region(if available). However, after getting the official homepage, you have to click on the Sign In option, that is being displayed at the start of the page.

Yahoo Login

Step 3: Here comes the login page. At this particular blank option, you have to include your Email address. Then click on Next.

Yahoo sign in to mail box

Step 4: Add your Yahoo account Password at and click on the Sign in option. If you forgot your Password then see the Recovery Process.

Yahoo Login to inbox

[ If you use this option named ‘Stay signed in’ then your Yahoo account will get automatically saved in your web browser with your account information]

Yahoo Login for Mobile Device

Yahoo is also popular on small screens. Yahoo is quite successful in attracting mobile users. Yahoo provides all their services and tools for their mobile users. So, you can also get signed into your Yahoo account using your mobile or tablet device. Yahoo also increased their security system for their mobile account users. So, you shouldn’t worry about your Yahoo account security. If something goes wrong, you can recover your account by using a simple recovery process. However, let’s start the process on the mobile device.

Step 1: Go to with your mobile internet browser.(Make sure your mobile device has a working internet connection to use)

Step 2: Here you will get the Yahoo official homepage on your mobile screen. Click on the Menu icon.

Yahoo Login to account

Step 3: Click on the Sign In option. If you can find the Sign in option then you can click here.

Yahoo account login

Step 4: When you have got the login page of Yahoo account you have to put your Email address in the blank option. You have to provide the Yahoo account associated Email address and then click on the Next option.

Yahoo mail Login

Step 5: Then you have to write the correct Password of your Yahoo account. After providing the exact Password of your account, you can press the Sign in button.

Yahoo email inbox Login

Forgot Password of Yahoo?

If you can’t memorize the Password of your Yahoo account that set by you, then you might not be able to get your Yahoo account access. So, that’s why you should set a new Password for your Yahoo account. You just have to do is, follow the Recovery Process of Yahoo account.

Step 1: Go to the login page of Yahoo account. You can click here to get the Yahoo login page for an online account.

Step 2: On the second step, provide your Email address here and click on the Next option.

Yahoo account access

Step 3: Click on the I forgot my password option.


Step 4: Then you will see a hint of your recovery Email address/phone number that was added to your Yahoo account. However, if you can recognize your Email address/Phone number, then you can click on the Send Me to account Key option. Use the Account Key and you will get your Yahoo account back.

[You may get other security question or recovery process according to your account and Yahoo security system]

So, if you want to know more about Yahoo and their products, then you can comment your question here. If you have any issue about Yahoo account, then you can also add it, we will solve it for you!

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